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Cedar house уникальные кедровые дома
Moscow +7(952)745-50-50
= 92 m²
Effective area
= 200 m²
Total area
= 11 х 15 m
House size
= 120 m³
Log volume
= 300-360 mm
Log diameter
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Project "Forest Spring"

The project of the bathing complex "Forest Spring" is located next to Minusinsk in the piny wood. The large diameter of the log is harmoniously combined with the surrounding pine forest. The project of the bathing complex has preservedpine trees, each bush in the landscape design.

In the bathing complexit's nice to spend time talking with family. Thesitting room has a fireplace with upholstered furniture. A large sitting room is conveniently connected with a log arbor, from which beautiful forest spaces open. We have preserved a century-old pine in the center of the arbor. The living tree harmoniously complements the interior of the wooden structure. In the plan of the bathing complex provides a convenient location for a steam room and a swimming pool with clear water,near there is a wet unit. In general, the project of the bathing complex "Forest Spring" is unique, harmonious with the fabulous color, where it is pleasant to be and want to return again.

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