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Cedar house уникальные кедровые дома
Moscow +7(952)745-50-50
= 109 m²
Effective area
= 118 m²
Total area
= 17 х 18 m
House size
= 160 m³
Log volume
= 280-320 mm
Log diameter
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Log-bathing complex "Tasheba"

The log-bathing complex "Tasheba" is located on the riversideTaseba in the Republic of Khakassia. Tor building constructionof the bathing complex we had a small sector. We needed to place a log store, a car park and the bathing complex. The major asset of this sector is a beautiful view of the river with its streamline flow and the rows of weeping willows stretching along the riverside.

We were able to place all the objects, composing and functionally link each part of it to a unified complex. The beauty of Tashiba opens to us from the balcony of the second floor and from the windows of sitting roomson the first floor. The complex is compositionally open to the river open spaces and everyone can enjoy nature, play sports or just relax. Wooden architecture  nothing if not is close to nature, and it is most comfortable for us to be in the natural environment.n the project of the bathing complex "Tashcheba" we tried to include the natural environment, providing for the requirements of modern human civilization.

T-joint is Canadian connection.