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Cedar house уникальные кедровые дома
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  • Eco-friendly material
  • Coating with fire retardant (second class of protection)
  • Individual projects
  • A gap of 2 mm. Abutment abutting joint
  • Cedar not less than 300 millimeters
  • Antiseptic at all stages of construction
  • Smooth three-layer grinding
  • Compensatory kerf
  • Special technology for installing windows and doors

Wood is a natural material, it does not release hazardous substances. Cedar grows only in ecologically clean areas, naturally, its wood is the safest in the ecological plan. Wood Siberian cedar has medicinal properties, positively affects the health and psyche of a person, helps to relieve stress and tension.

Environmentally friendly material for the home is a contribution to yourself, your health and longevity, it is an investment in your future and the future of the family.

The wooden house has high fire safety requirements, therefore our houses have the stages of processing modern fire protection means of wood.

Fire protection means for wood protect buildings from fire and spread of flame. We process the wood inside and outside: walls, floors, frames, doors, etc. and especially carefully the floors and roof truss systems at house. According to the standard, the composition of the second class of fire protection effectively protects the tree from fire, the wood is hard to ignite. 

We make unique designs of houses from Siberian cedar, they have a comfortable residential environment.

Our projects are always unique, differ from each other in architecture and interior layout. The creation of the project includes focus on the tastes and needs of future tenants and all necessary standards: building, sanitary, fire-fighting. This determines the high standard of the elite house. An important part of an elite wooden house is material, and cedar is a premium material, it is appreciated in Russia and around the world.

The density of the joining of logs guarantees its thermal insulation. Obviously, the absence of gaps helps to protect the house from warm losses.

We make houses from cedar by Canadian technology - logs are connected in the "Canadian Cup". This is a special way of cutting a log into a triangular shape and sawing the blazes. Logs form a closed coupling, because provides a close abutment of one log to another. After the house settling, the targets in the corners adhere, there is no need to close the corners after house settling and the walls look more aesthetically.

20160804_170600 - ОБРЕЗ.jpg

Our company produces logs of large and ordinary diameter. A wooden house made of large diameter costs is now expensive. But the pleasure of living in a wooden house unparalleled. It is unusually easy to breathe, irritation goes away and leaves the eternal vanity of life: in such house health will remain until old age, thoughts and feelings will be light.

Cedar is malleable, responsive to beauty. The cedar is strong, can retain heat for a long time, easy to process. We give the 500-year-old cedar a second life in homes that will bring joy and health to their owners for many years.

Our company participates in the restoration of forests, we grow saplings of Siberian cedar and larch. 

Antiseptic is a protective compound for wood from destruction by a fungus or insects. Antiseptic at all stages of construction is guarantee of protection of the house for many years.

We use the well-known all over the world Finnish and German wood protection products, they are distinguished by high quality and guaranteed result. They are good in high humidity conditions. They treat wood well, they have a unique structure.

This composition will help protect the wood from the impact of various factors, so that the cedar house is well preserved.

Smoothing logs is a laborious process, so it is better to have several stages. High-quality multilayer smoothing of the log helps to make the log smooth, agreeable to the touch. As a result of processing, unevenness of logs is removed, its structure is emphasized, appearance improves.

In addition to aesthetic properties, smoothing logs is practical. Smooth surface of the log better absorbs antiseptic and other protective compositions, so the operation of the log increases several times.

On a smooth surface, dust is retained less, the air in the house is cleaner.

It is impossible to completely avoid the formation of cracks. They appear as a result of lumber shrinkage of the log and pressure of the upper timber set on the lower. But we can control the process of cracking. Compensatory kerf - deep incision in the upper part of the log. Kerf allows you to remove the load from the log and the cracks will have a given vertical orientation.

If the cracks are upward, they will be covered with a groove of the upper log and moisture will not enter the cracks, the wood will not dote and the house will retain its warm.

Cedar house is for a special microclimate inside. Therefore, the decoration inside will be minimal.

Therefore, you get the advantage - saving on decoration, as cedar does not require additional scenery. If the logs are qualitatively polished, then you only need to paint the walls.

A good log with a beautiful wood texture fits into any style of the interior, creating a modern and harmonious design.

About company We create for the people unique log houses from the natural Siberian forest according to proven technologies that reliably serve as a cozy home and the embodiment of the individuality of their master, the pride of the heirs, which gives joy and health for many years.
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